premiatiFourteen prizes for projects concerning environment sustainability, innovation and efficacious and renewable use of the energy. These are the prizes given on December 5th to the winners of the competition "Siena Carbon Free 2015", at the end of the first day of the meeting in Pontignano about the sustainable development, promoted by the Province of Siena and Apea with the collaboration of the University of Siena and financed by MPS foundation. The winners from different categories – institutions, companies and citizens – were awarded by the President of the Province of Siena, Simone Bezzini, and by the environment councillor, Gabriele Berni.

The participation in the competition is a sign of involvement and sensitiveness reached in the whole community on subjects concerning the environment protection in terms of solutions and projects aimed at saving energy and using alternative sources. Each project presented was given a plaque and it can use Terre di Siena Carbon Free brand to enhance the starting of environment best practices.
"With this award -  Berni and Bezzini underlined – we wanted to promote a process of participating and involving of the whole territory, in each expression, with the objective of improving the many experiences already observed by institutions, companies and citizens. Today, Siena Carbon Free is absolutely a community project, involving all the people living the territory. Awarding the best projects from the points of view of sustainability, innovation and using renewable energy sources is a chance of improving this commitment, stimulating new initiatives and going on together to reach the objective of a zero Co2 emissions territory".

In the Institutions category, the first prize was co-won  by the Town of Monteriggioni, for the interventions of Energy requalification of the kindergarten "Il Cucciolo" of Castellina Scalo, and by  Cna Siena for the rules on biobuilding engineering aimed at introducing new technologies  and materials useful to endorse engineers of constructions and plant design working following precise parameters in terms of consumption, energy classification, use of materials and renewable energy sources.

The first prize in the large and medium-sized enterprises was given to Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics for the programme for the reduction of consumption of the main utilities of the production site in Bellaria, in the town of Sovicille. The second prize was given to the company  Ctc Srl, with the project "Microgeneratore di energia" (energy micro-generator). Third prize for  Terme Antica Querciolaia with the settlement of a thermal solar plant in the spa of Rapolano. For the small and medium-sized enterprises, the first prize was given to the farm company Anqua srl for realizing photovoltaic greenhouses and the second prize was given to Serena Bagno Snc for integrating and improving its energy system with a photovoltaic roofing system.

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