dal grano al paneObtaining a local, healthy and nutritious bread, with natural leavening.
Results from the second year of experimentation and farming.

The operations of harvesting the ancient varieties of wheat in proof lots have been just finished, at the biological cereal farms of the province of Siena participating in the project.

Despite the damages on the farming and the complexity of the harvest operations, requesting the intervention and the experimentation of a particular threshing machine, it was possible to gather the most part of the varieties which will contribute to enrich a two-year database, from which we can start finding useful outcomes. In particular, the multiplication of the seed in lots showed some problems which professionals and experts are already working on, concerning the susceptibility to a fungus and rot attack, above all for Sieve and Verna varieties.

This initiative is part of the project "From wheat to bread", realized by the Councillorship of the Agriculture of the Province of Siena in the scope of the Azione di Sistema sulla Catena Alimentare di Filiera Corta (System actions on the food chain of the short supply chain), in collaboration with the University of Firenze. The project involves, for the second year,  four biological farms of the province of Siena which, together with transformers, bread-makers, buying groups and active consumers, will be the base of the network aimed at realizing a supply chain of the local bread in our territory.

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