stigliano1La Bottega di Stigliano is a active citizenship project supported by the Province of Siena and the Union of Municipalities of the Val di Merse in collaboration with Stigliano Cooperative, Erbandando Association and the Association of Manufacturers of the Val di Merse.

The financial and technical resources shared by the two administrations allowed the construction of the space and its experimental organization. It is asked stakeholders to start a path to economic viability and to care about the development of innovative forms of management.

The shop is intended as an experimental engine involving new forms of marketing for the local products to transmit different eating habits, made up of local foods, environmentally friendly, with simple recipes for our pleasure and our health .

Inside the store the active services are: a sale of local farmers' products, a kitchen where you can enjoy healthy and tasty recipes, linked to the territory and to the natural seasons cycle, a meeting and training space to attend cultural activities in order to focus the attention on the well-being of everyday life and provide creative support to the local agriculture.

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