nessoThe University of Siena intends to be a leading promoter of sustainability through its courses, research, training and consulting for businesses and institutions.
For this reason in 2011 it created NeSSO (Network Siena Sostenibilità – Siena Sustainability Network) - a network of competences gained in different disciplinary sectors, which seeks to foster fruitful exchanges with interested parties in order to define sustainable policies and operating solutions.
The actions promoted by the University aim to develop environmental knowledge and awareness from the local scale, thanks to its relations with local entities, to the international scale, thanks to agreements with many foreign universities.
NeSSO is composed of departments, research centres, individual scholars and administrative offices and works in a collaborative rather than hierarchical way, making it possible to establish synergies between the competences involved. NeSSO is an open network, which members of the university community can join at any time.
It currently includes geographers, biologists, geologists, chemists, engineers, physicians, jurists, economists, social scientists and transport experts.
NeSSO has established intense collaborations with local institutions and economic actors, also on a regional scale, with the aim of creating closer relationships, in which the University places its skills and knowledge at the disposal of its partners in order to define a series of solutions, from specific pilot projects to more large scale and comprehensive plans. NeSSO is also involved in a national network that is being set up on Sustainability Studies, as well as international sustainability-related activities, including some conducted under the aegis of the United Nations, in particular the Rio+20 programme.

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