Ristorazione e EnogastronomiaIt is an experience for young farmers and Siena's chefs to exploit local food resources.
The project tries to set up a deal for young people in order to offer and ensure them authenticity, quality and freshness. It is an example of the "ultra-short chain" which provides a network for the Young Farmers members of the Association AGIA - CIA to get in touch with the cooks members of the ACS Siena

Saporti del Monte Cetona

It is a food and wine review taking place in the territory of the Monte Cetona, Val di Chiana Senese which will lead us to rediscover the traditions at the table, in the streets and the restaurants of the area. This review will host the short chain markets, along with products from local farms, gastronomic competitions and festivals in the country.

Olive Oil in the Cuisine (Chianti project)

The project "Extra virgin olive oil for local school lunch" is in its fourth year of implementation and it has been the realization of the first action on the short chain food system. The initiative provides the young audience with the knowledge of the taste of the oils produced locally. The project collaborates with the Crushers Social Cooperative for the products to be easily available, in order to support the agricultural economy of the greater number of producers.
To optimize the public resources and use the oil of the previous year up, the product offering is diversified by use: the extra virgin olive oil of the current year is used on raw food, meanwhile the oil of the previous year for cooking.
In both cases the oil samples are analyzed from the chemical and organoleptic profile.
Starting on the next harvest, the tables will only be provided with extra virgin olive oil certified PGI or DOP Terre di Siena.
The goal is to involve all municipalities in the province in the next three years

School Refectory

Short chain products for collective food services
The first trial of the introduction of local products in catering started in school canteens. This work identified the methodology to apply: the knowledge of the companies, the traceability of products based on seasonality and their availability. It was fundamental the meeting between the Public Administration and an expert dietitian to plan an appropriate menu respecting the seasonality of the products and the concept of use of any foods over the territory, even those not that exploited.

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Endorsed Municipalities
Comune di Monteroni d'Arbia
Nido d'Infanzia l'Aquilone di Sinalunga
Nido dì infanzia Le Stelline di Trequanda

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