Progetti Speciali - Sportello Filiera CortaIt provides technical support (agronomic, administrative and sanitary aspects) useful to launch agricultural enterprises. It contributes to the knowledge and training of the network involving farmers, processors and consumers. As part of the short chain promotion it deals with the development of all the specific projects.



From wheat to bread

Starting from the inspiration provided by the Gas and from the experience of a furnace that makes bread out of old varieties with natural rising agents, in 2010 a project able to contribute to the rehabilitation of the bread chain was started.
The project, set within a regional pilot program that promotes organic cereal crop and supports the participatory improvement method, sees the collaboration of the Prof. Stefano Benedettelli of the Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Florence.
Considered the best nutritional value of a sourdough bread, madefrom flours of ancient variety biological grains, it was decided to cultivate and evaluate different mixes of old varieties in different environments. The project was discussed with the cereals producers.
In order to test it, four representative farms in the province have been involved. At the same time other manufacturers will take care of multiplying small quantities of old varieties. Besides the study of growth in the field, the grains will be analyzed and evaluated as well as the suitability for making bread of the flours obtained from mixtures.


In order to enhance the quantity and variety of the horticultural products in the province, a series of meetings with local growers were organized to deal with the cultivation and trade aspects.

From Farm to Fork

"Food without a suitcase" is an educational program offered to the primary school children by the Department of Rural Development in the Province of Siena.
The aim is to reach the kids and their families to promote the awareness of the short chain products and support the local food chain.
The first edition took place in the school year 2011-2012 with the support of the classes V of the towns of Castelnuovo Berardenga, Monteriggioni, Murlo, Pienza and Sinalunga.
Considering the interest shown, the beauty and quality of the works presented by the students and their teachers, the joy of the closing day, the project will be repeated involving classes from five other municipalities. The goal is to meet, over time, all the primary schools in the province.

Vegetable Gardens

They approach the school children to the knowledge of seasonality and food production through a recreational activity that allows them to have a closer contact with the earth and with the cycles and rhythms of nature. Recovering the "doing" dimension allows the students to appreciate the food they produce by their own and discover new flavors without bias.
The experience began with the City of Torrita di Siena, and this year it will be extended to the town of Castellina in Chianti.

Mediss Project

The objective of the MEDISS project is to strengthen the innovation capacity of food and agricoltural businesses through the "Chain of Mediterranean aromas and flavors" networking . For what the local level is concerned, the project aims to identify the unwitting actors of the medicinal plants' supply chain in the province of Siena, the needs and the tools for a competitive development, to create a high enhancement dynamic on the whole supply chain.

Teaching Farms

Work in progress...

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